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Scalise: When Will Biden Stand Up to Hamas?

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Today, House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-La.) appeared on Fox News’ Fox and Friends to discuss President Biden turning his back on Israel by withholding weapons delivery to our ally. Leader Scalise slammed President Biden for bowing to the antisemitic wing of his party and failing to stand up to Hamas. Leader Scalise also celebrated being in remission from cancer and thanked everyone for their prayers.

Click here or the image above to view Leader Scalise's full interview. 

On Leader Scalise’s remission from cancer:

“God's been great. Like I [am] in remission now from cancer, got all my treatments finished. Feeling great. So a lot of prayers have been answered. Thank you, thank everybody for the prayers.”

On President Biden turning his back on Israel:

“I want to reverse [Biden's action] and ultimately deliver those weapons to Israel, as you pointed out, that they paid for over a year ago. This isn't something new. And so Joe Biden is continuing to cater to this anti-American pro-Hamas wing of his party. I mean, think about this when you see college campuses taking down the American flag, defacing George Washington’s statute. Those are the people that Joe Biden is trying to cater to right now by ultimately taking back and holding money and walking away from Israel. Republicans and Democrats alike support Israel and don't want Joe Biden to do this. And I think you're going to see action on the House floor to push back on it. 

“Yeah. And Joe Biden himself was critical of previous administrations – what he's doing is much worse. What we're going to do is ultimately try to get Israel the weapons they need. We want to help Israel in their fight against Hamas. I don't know if Joe Biden's forgotten about it but a terrorist organization backed by Iran, known as Hamas, invaded Israel, murdered, brutally murdered Israelis, is still holding over 130 hostages including American citizens. Where is Joe Biden standing up to Hamas? He seems to want to go after Israel every single day and turn his back on our strongest ally in the Middle East. You're going to see strong bipartisan support for Israel in the Congress – we've shown it over and over again, it used to be unanimous. Unfortunately, there is a pro-Hamas wing of the Democrat party that's taken over and you see Joe Biden catering to that far-left element and turning away from Israel. They're also sanctioning a lot of this antisemitism you're seeing on college campuses. They're looking the other way towards antisemitism, which is a dangerous thing for our country or any country to allow.”