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Scalise Talks House Action to Prevent Non-Citizen Voting in Elections

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Today, House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-La.) joined Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.), House Majority Whip Tom Emmer (R-Minn.), and House Conference Vice Chair Blake Moore (R-Utah) to discuss the House’s action to stop non-citizens from voting in federal elections. Leader Scalise also spoke out against the shameful and ridiculous actions of the International Criminal Court and pledged that House Republicans will be looking into legislation to take action against this rogue organization.
Click here or the image above to view Leader Scalise's full remarks. 

On stopping unelected bureaucrats from controlling digital currency:

“Well, I applaud the work that the Whip has done on this legislation we're bringing to the floor this week. We have two bills that are limiting the ability for unelected bureaucrats in Washington to control digital currency. It's becoming more and more popular amongst people not just here in the United States, but around the world who believe in the dollar as a strong way to fund things, as a strong way to conduct commerce. If they want to have digital currency, they don't want to have the government tracking their transactions. And it's important that we make it clear with these bills that we're bringing to the floor this week that that's what the rules of the game will be going forward. And it puts limitations on the Biden Administration's desire to control those transactions and track people's spending habits. 

“And you've seen it over and over again by this Biden Administration – by the way, the same Biden Administration that is trying to double the size of the IRS to go and target people that are making well under $100,000 and force them to pay more in taxes, even when they're already paying more than their fair share. President Biden wants to get more from them by doubling the size of the IRS. So needless to say, we're going to continue to fight for those consumers bringing bills like this to the floor.”

On preventing non-citizens from voting in DC elections:

“Another bill we're bringing to the floor this week would prevent people here illegally from voting in DC elections. This is something that the DC council passed a few years ago to create an ability for people here illegally to vote in elections. If you look at this massive flow of illegals coming into our country, still to this day because of President Biden's open border, we've seen millions of people come into our country illegally – minimum number is 8 million. It could be well, well above that number. People on the terrorist watch list are coming into our country. 

“You know, why should somebody at the Russian embassy be able to vote in elections here in the United States of America? Yet that is what is allowed today. We have a bill that says, no, that's not the case. If somebody from Russia or from China working at the embassy in China wants to vote, they can vote in their own country's elections. They shouldn't be able, as a citizen of China, be able to vote in America's elections, for goodness sake. And that's something I think most Americans agree with. We're going to find out who here in Congress agrees with that when we have a vote on that bill tomorrow.”

On taking action against the International Criminal Court:

“Something that we have been united against is not only the growing antisemitism and the growing movement against Israel's right to self-defense, which we have strongly supported, but now you see the International Criminal Court trying to arrest the prime minister of Israel for defending his country against a terrorist organization who on October 7th engaged war in barbaric ways against the people of Israel. This is a rogue agency. 

“I know this majority has taken many, many steps against it. We're going to continue to take actions. But we also are calling on our friends around the world that are helping fund the ICC to stop funding an organization that has become heavily anti-Israel and would ultimately be anti-American, too, if they had that opportunity.”