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Scalise Previews Appropriations Bills

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Today, House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-La.) joined Fox Business Network’s Mornings with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the sham trial against President Trump and the Biden Administration’s weaponization of our justice system. Additionally, Leader Scalise slammed the Biden Administration for their disastrous and disgraceful handling of Hamas’ attack on Israel. Leader Scalise also laid out House Republicans’ plan to implement reforms and cut waste through our appropriations process in the coming weeks.
Click here or the image above to view Leader Scalise's full interview. 

On the sham New York trial of President Trump:

“What's happening in New York is it's an embarrassment to the judicial system. The fact that you've got a judge so heavily conflicted, his daughter's making millions of dollars off of this trial. You've got the Democrat Party, literally with President Biden's campaign, rolling out an old washed-up actor Robert De Niro to try to intimidate the jury into getting a guilty verdict, regardless of the facts. They never presented any facts, and yet they don't care. They really don't. It's doing tremendous damage to the state of New York. Is there any surprise, Maria, that New York is the state that's seeing the exiting of people, people leaving their state to go to other places? I think people are watching this abuse of the judicial system, lawfare, whatever you to call it, weaponization of government. It's all there on display before the public's eyes. 

“People see it, and I think most people in America are disgusted by it, whatever they think of President Trump. I think a lot of people that maybe weren't going to vote for President Trump are looking and saying, wait a minute, I need to give this guy a second look because I don't like what the Democrat Party is doing, from the President of the United States to Democrat [district attorneys] who ran on a platform not of putting criminals away, but of just going to find something on Donald Trump. Even if you don't find it, you saw the instructions the judge gave to the jury. Basically, you don't have to be unanimous. Just anything you want to do, just find a way to put this guy away because we don't like him. That's what the Democrat Party is doing in Washington. I think there are a lot of Democrats across the country that don't agree with this and are going to be voting for Donald Trump. It's why you saw so much support for Trump when he went to speak in the Bronx, when he went to the Jersey Shore. This is real, what's going on out there in real America. Then you've got the Democrat Party's America, which is very different.”

On the real issues people are facing in Joe Biden’s America:

“I think most people have already factored this in, and you can see the polling. Every big bombshell, gee whiz, [Michael] Cohen is going to give some great testimony. Well, Cohen will say whatever he wants to. You see the guy, he's a serial liar, he's a convicted perjurer. And I'm sure the jury saw that, too. But at the end of the day, most Americans have been following this circus. And I think that's what they view it as. They view it as a circus and an abuse of the judicial system. So whatever verdict comes out, they know it's so skewed that it's not reflective of what's really happening in America.

“What they're furious about are what you just showed up on that last segment: the prices that they're paying for everything. They cannot go to a fast food store anymore because of Joe Biden's America.
 We've got millions of people that have come across our border, including people from countries that want to do us harm, people on the terrorist watch list, people that are murdering our own citizens in every community in America. That's what Joe Biden has gotten us. And Donald Trump will fix those problems. People know that. People, I think, are hungry for real leadership.”

On President Biden's failure in Israel: 

“Yeah. First of all, the only reaction from the United States should be to support our friend and ally, Israel, who has been under attack since October 7th. There is a war going on and Hamas, a terrorist organization is the group that declared that war, that went in and brutally murdered Israelis and Americans, by the way. There are still hostages that are both American, Jewish, Israeli. Why isn't the United States being more unequivocal in their support of Israel? I think that's what people are frustrated by.

“The pier was yet another debacle brought to you by the people that brought you the Afghan withdrawal. We've got to get a realignment and some real accountability in our military. When major mistakes are made, there is absolutely no accountability. They just continue to just kind of give this soft support to our allies. You saw what's happening in Ukraine, where Joe Biden put limitations on the missiles that were given to Ukraine, saying, well, you just can't shoot into Russian territory where all the Russian troops are. Well, that means that's just going to drag that conflict out even longer instead of trying to end this thing sooner. Joe Biden wants a long, elongated war, and frankly, more loss of life amongst Ukraine soldiers with the limitations Joe Biden put on.

“When he did this in Israel, you've seen the same things where he's telling them, don't go into Rafah. Well, that's where Hamas is. These are the people that are trying to kill Jews and others in Israel. Israel has got to defend their country. Our only statement should be that we support our ally. The pier, 300 plus million dollars of money thrown in the trash can. Over half the aid was stolen by Hamas."

On Jeffries’ hypocritical claims that House Republicans want to shut the government down:

“Yeah, that's quite rich coming from somebody who literally voted against every single appropriations bill that came out of the House last year. Maria, we passed over 80% of bills to fund the government last year, long before the deadline, so there would be no government shutdown. And [House Minority Leader] Hakeem [Jeffries] and almost every other Democrat voted ‘no’. They voted against funding the government, so they wanted a government shutdown. And I'm sure they're just setting up the stage for another series of 'no' votes. 

“We're going to bring 12 bills that fund government, and we're going to have a robust debate on spending. They have spent so much money that people can't afford to leave their house to go to a fast food restaurant, Maria. They want to keep spending money that we don't have.
 We identified over $250 billion in illegal payments, payments going to people that aren't even real people, tax credits to illegal aliens. They want to keep doing that. They want to spend your money to people that aren't even here legally. This is what we're trying to get under control so that we can get our economy moving again. We're going to move the bills, and we're going to let them vote for those bills."