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Scalise Featured in Fox Nation Docuseries on Congressional Baseball Game Shooting

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As we approach seven years since the Congressional Baseball Game shooting, Fox Nation released a docuseries on the shooting and its aftermath featuring interviews with House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-La.). Leader Scalise detailed the events of that day, his recovery, and the dangers of political violence. He shared the many miracles he attributes to his survival, as well as the heroic efforts of law enforcement, first responders, his medical team, his colleagues, and his friends and family.
Watch Leader Scalise's full interview at Fox Nation.

Excerpts from Leader Scalise's interview:

On the moments that shots rang out:

"I heard a noise. And to me, it sounded like a tractor backfiring."
"You’re not thinking that it's a gunshot at seven in the morning on a baseball field."
"As soon as I was hit, then I knew this is bad. I never saw the shooter but I knew it was coming from the third base side and I'm at second. So I kind of started moving towards the outfield, and then my legs gave out, and I went down somewhere around probably the middle of the infield. Then I just started crawling through the dust and dirt of the infield … That's when I started praying because my body just had totally given out so I just said, God, please get me through this."
"It wasn't long where I heard a different caliber bullet. I knew that had to be [Special Agent David Bailey] – it was a lot of rapid fire."
"My daughter, you know, she's 17 now but she was 10 at the time, and I just had this vision of my daughter walking up the aisle alone. So I just said, God, please let me walk Madison up the aisle. And then I just put it in His hands and I mean, you know, almost made all the noise just white noise. I never really was focused on the gunshots."
"I had no idea [in the moment who the shooter was]. I mean, you're wondering – I mean, we're on a ball field, why is this happening? But then, you know, you don't really have the time to think who's doing it."

On the heroes who stepped into action to save Leader Scalise’s life:

"As [Rep.] Brad [Wenstrup] was tending to me and then some other Members came around, and I started feeling my system shutting down. And I knew, okay, this isn't going to go well, I can't do this much longer … I called my wife, and I left a message. And it's kind of a 'this might be it' conversation I left on her voicemail. And at that point, right after that call, I kind of faded out and don't remember anything afterwards."
"Initially, they put me on an ambulance. And you know, I was probably going to drive to George Washington Hospital and they don't have a helipad. It was going to be a drive at about seven in the morning, which is heavy, heavy traffic. They took me out of the ambulance. And at that point, I don't know what's going on, and I'm like, why am I out on the ball field again?… I was like, get me somewhere, but I don't want to bleed out on this field. I could feel it.

"Sure enough, it was – it was park police helicopter, which turned out to be really important because they had access to the mall to fly straight across to MedStar Hospital, who did have a helicopter pad. And so they put me on the helicopter and it was right around then I mean, I knew I was starting to fade again."

On the motivation behind the shooting:

"Oh, it definitely was intended to be [a massacre of House Republicans]. I mean, look, he set out that day to kill a lot of Republicans. You know, it was not just those of us on the ball field. There were over a dozen Members of Congress on the ball field that he wanted to kill."

On the miracles on June 14, 2017:

"I had a guardian angel. And everyone was thinking the worst could possibly happen. And it didn’t. And it only didn’t happen because of the bravery of the Capitol Police but also the miracles that you can only explain through one thing – God was on that ball field."