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Scalise: Was Last 3.5 Years of Biden Presidency A Cold?

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Today, House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-La.) appeared on Fox Business Network's Mornings with Maria Bartiromo to discuss how the presidential debate exposed what Republicans have been saying for years: President Biden is not fit to be President. Leader Scalise highlighted the clear contrast between President Trump’s record of success with President Biden’s disastrous tenure of record inflation, illegal immigration, crime, and world strife.
Click here or the image above to view Leader Scalise's full interview. 

On the stark contrast between President Trump's and President Biden’s debate performance: 

“Well, good morning, Maria. Great to be with you. I hope they don't [replace President Biden as the Democrat candidate], but I'll tell you what. I mean, first of all, I think a lot of those statements you're seeing are a reflection of how well President Trump did. I know the media wants to play that down. President Trump looks strong, confident – he looked like a Presidential leader. And then you contrast that, it was nothing short of a train wreck for the Biden campaign. And so it was on full display. I mean, you know, they tried to say it was a cold. I mean, was the last three and a half years of the Biden Presidency a cold? I think this is nothing short of cringe-worthy to watch some of it, but we've been seeing this on display for three and a half years.

“President Trump, I think they thought they had these rules set up to hurt President Trump and it actually benefited President Trump. You know, he answered within the timeframe of the questions, but then when Biden had the time, he just froze up on a lot of those. He misstated things, he said things that nobody even could comprehend. And you know, by the way, it also puts more pressure, Maria, on the Vice President. Does anybody want Kamala Harris to be the President of the United States? But I think there's even more readily understanding that she could very well have that responsibility. Nobody thinks she's up to that task, either.”

On the impact of President Biden’s failed agenda:

“Right, I don't think [President Biden’s] going anywhere. But at the same time, when you look at a lot of his answers, you know, is the border secure, he might really think the border is secure which is alarming. But in his answers, as you talked about earlier, you know how out of touch he is. He thinks inflation is fine, and maybe it is for him. But for most families in America, they are the recipients of a failed Bidenomics economy and it's hurting those low and middle-income people that he keeps mocking all the time."

On President Biden's alternate reality:

“Well, he said that the border is 40% more secure under him than Trump. Nobody believes any of this, but they're watching this. And they're alarmed because they say does this guy really believe this? The American people know it's not true. What they're alarmed by is that Joe Biden might actually think it's true. And they didn't even get into things like gas prices, which are out of control. So many other problems that Joe Biden created. But at the same time, President Trump on the issues that he talked about was strong, decisive, ready to lead, and fix the problems Joe Biden created.”

On the weaponization of the Justice Department against President Trump:

“Everybody knows how rigged that is, by the way, and you know, when that came up, and the American people see it for what it is, this is Joe Biden going after his political opponents.”